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Nondiscrimination Policy
Snow Day Policy
While it is called Snow Day Policy, it is not limited to snow. The policy applies to any kinds of inclement weather, such as storm or icy road.

1). Saturday programs:

    School will remain open for light snow and be closed for heavy snow. For medium snow, please check our website for information. Call 206-380-1222 if you are not sure. Please keep the call brief to help the line remain open for other parents. Thanks!
2). Weekday English Reading, Writing, Math, Art, and Family Chinese programs:
    Please contact your teacher to find out if the lesson is cancelled or rescheduled. We will also try our best to make announcements on our school website.
3). Weekday Preschool, Kindergarten, and After-school programs:
    These programs follow each area's public school district's decision. Seattle site follows Seattle public schools' announcement. Bellevue site follows Bellevue public schools' announcement. We close when the public schools are closed.

    Please pay close attention to TV or radio news for school districts' announcement. Or check information at school districts' websites:

    All school districts:

    You can also try the school districts' 24-hour newslines, which are usually updated by 6 am when the decision to delay or close schools is made:
    Seattle: 206-252-0207
    Bellevue: 425-456-4111
    When the public schools are on winter break, there won't be any snow day closure announcement from the school districts on TV or radio. In that case, please check our school's own website or call 206-380-1222 for snow day closure.

    Snow day late pick up:
    Call 206-361-1000 (Seattle site) or 206-388-9968 (Bellevue site) for snow day late pick up or other emergencies. Please keep the call brief to help the line remain open for other parents. Please do not call these numbers for non-emergency issues. Late pick up fee for each student is $10 per 1-30 minutes, directly payable to the teacher. Thanks!
4).Make-up Lessons:
    No refund or credit will be issued for snow day closure. Makeup lessons, however, are available when snow day closures are more than 10 days per calendar year.