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Tuition Policy

Registration fees:

1. Preschool / daycare center: $100
2. Summer camp (annually): $25
3. All other programs (combined): $35
  • Registration is separate for the three program categories above. For example, a current math student who wants to join the summer camp must pay the summer camp registration fee to do so. However, the math student doesn't have to pay a registration fee to continue the math course and/or to take an English writing class.
  • Registration fees are for new students or returning students in the quarterly programs who have taken a leave for more than 2 quarters.
Tuition due dates:
  • Monthly programs: The last working day before the 25th of preceding month
  • Quarterly programs: Two weeks before the quarter starts
Where to pay tuition:
  • Monthly tuition: Must be paid in person. Sorry we don't accept mailed checks.
  • Quarterly tuition: Pay in person or mail to:

    PO Box 25717
    Seattle, WA 98165
Late charges:
  • Monthly programs: $5 per day, starting immediately after the tuition due day
  • Quarterly programs: $5 per week, starting from the 2nd week of the quarter
Early Bird Special for quarterly programs:
    Please click here for the Early Bird special deadlines.
Final Month Tuition Deposit:
  • $100 per student for preschool, kindergarten, and Chinese after-school program.
  • The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances, but parents can deducted it from the final month's tuition when providing a 45-day written notice for withdrawal.
  • A full month's tuition will be charged if no written notice is received 45 days before the student's last day.
Sibling discount:
  • Summer camp or preschool/childcare: 5%, applied to the lower tuition
  • All other programs: $10, for the same course only
Late pick-up fees:
  • Preschool, kindergarten, after-school Chinese, and summer camp: $10 per student to start, with an additional $10 fee every subsequent half hour. It is due on spot when the child is picked up. There is an additional $1 per day if the late pick-up fee is not paid when the child is picked up.
  • Quarterly programs: Parents are consented to bring their children to class on time and pick up their children immediately after class. WIS does not provide childcare before or after classes. Parents are fully responsible for the safety of their children during non-class time.
Bounced check or incorrect check:
    $35 service fee is charged for each bounced check or incorrect check that needs corrections.
Credit and refund:
  • If a lesson is cancelled by school: Full credit or refund available for the cancelled lesson. If choosing credit, the credit can be used for any programs provded by WIS. If choosing refund, a refund check will be mailed within 30 days.
  • If a lesson is cancelled by student:
    1). For summer camp, tuition credit or refund is available if a written notice is received at least 10 days before the program starts. If choosing credit, the credit can be used for any programs provided by WIS. If choosing refund, a refund check will be mailed within 2 weeks after the summer camp ends, usually in mid September. No refund if WIS did not receive the 10-day written notice of withdrawal.
    2).For all other programs, such as preschool (including Tumble Bus and other special lessons), kindergarten, after-school Chinese, and quarterly programs (such as Reading, Writing, Math, Chinese, Art, and SAT Preparation), there is no credit or refund once tuition is paid, regardless of when it is paid.
Make-up lessons:
  • If a class is cancelled by instructor: The instructor will arrange a make-up lesson.
  • If a class is cancelled by student: No make-up lesson.
Preschool, kindergarten, and after-school Chinese program closure days:
    School is closed on the following 11 days each year. School tuition is already adjusted accordingly; therefore no discount, deduction, refund, credit, or make-up lessons will be issued.
    1) New Year
    2) Martin Luther King's Day
    3) President's Day
    4) Memorial Day
    5) Independence Day
    6) Labor Day
    7) Veterans Day
    8) Thanksgiving
    9) The day after Thanksgiving
    10) Christmas
    11) Parent-teacher conference day (to be announced each year)
Snow day policy:
    Please click here for details.